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Moving Services

If you are planning to move your home or business in Sharjah or the United Arab Emirates, our skilled team is the best choice to assist you. At ReloMarkets, we offer specialized packing and moving services. And additionally, we can also provide designing services to renovate your residential or industrial property as per your need or desire.

Whether you're moving house or searching for a corporation to ship your company's stock from point X to point B in UAE, Relomarkets has the sufficient expertise and infrastructure to maneuver your assets safely. We can shift your products and assets to wherever you want. It's your choice to use our services however you like.

From packing, storing, and moving, we'll stand by your side throughout the complete method. We guarantee a secure move from the supply to the destination with no chances of harm or loss of your personal belongings. Our expertise is our pride, and our services are a clear reflection of our dedication. When you start searching for knowledgable and efficient movers, you can never fail by selecting ReloMarkets as your quick and cheap freight forwarder. We can move anything between the seven emirates of the UAE.

Our freight moving services can move every type of cargo through an extensive network of reputable and authorized shipping corporations. Our partnerships with leading domestic carriers in Dubai and UAE enables us to provide discounted rates to our valued consumers. It's out low-value freight rates, combined with dedicated client service that builds ReloMarkets one amongst the highest supply corporations within the Emirate.

We can assist with transfer your product to and from the international ports if you are making international shipments by utilizing different sorts of equipment such as:

  • Moving van
  • Reefer
  • Heavy Haul
  • Specialized LTL / Partial

When moving with ReloMarkets, you can send and track your product at it makes its way to the destination. From a single document to large packages, large pallets, and full truck masses, We have the infrastructure to facilitate your load, quick and economically.

Our moving services provide a straightforward resolution for people, sole traders, startups, large businesses, and organizations. We've been serving a variety of industries such as food and drink, physical science, healthcare, automotive, and many others.


Want to book your move with ReloMarkets? It's simple as pie. Here are three simple steps to book our services quickly.

STEP 1: Fill out the easy form and choose the services that you want. STEP 2: Get the best instant quote on your email or phone STEP 3: Confirm us and then sit back and relax! We will manage the rest.


We facilitate a large variety of moving and freight transportation solutions to fulfill your desires. It does not matter if you're a one-time shipper or a poster company with daily shipments of time-critical freight that needs warranted services, our services are there to serve every type of consumers.

We can ship merchandise for your chain management needs, for trade shows, house machinery, motorcycles, furniture, engines and automobile elements, trade exhibition instrumentation, and even military instrumentation.


Moving prices are a vital issue for many individuals, and it's necessary to grasp that there's no customary rate. Freight shipping rates are dependent on:

  1. Shipping method: The mode of transportation used for moving services. For Instance, shipment can cost more, usually.
  2. Destination and origin: The distance between the location from wherever you're shipping the item to the ultimate destination can change the shipping rate. Prices are usually added if the location is way far from the center.
  3. Dimensions: The dimensions and weight of your cargo are also crucial in determinant freight rates. Correct weight and measurements are significant, that is why the breadth and length are rounded up to consecutive number for carriers to fulfill DOT rules.
  4. Special services: Handling directions and different special services can probably cost you additional charges. Moving fragile or venturous materials is also a difficult task for professional packers and movers.


ReloMarkets provides specialized moving services that are as versatile as your desires. Freight shipping is one of the most misunderstood relocation services. Most of the people think that freight transport is barely for industrial merchandise. However, the reality is that it's also used for moving the personal belongings of a house.

If you don't want a full-service, white-glove packing and moving, then you can trust ReloMarket's freight shipping service to move your luggage. It's excellent for people that are doing their packing or loading and unloading.

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ReloMarket possesses all the desired licensing and registrations. The law needs that every freight carrier should be registered with the Department of Transportation, and additionally, they must carry the mandatory coverage, which might be verified online.

Our carriers are registered with the Department of Transportation. If you're moving with us, you can trust to move your belongings with us.

Our mission at ReloMarkets is to avoid wasting time and money of our valued consumer. That is why we provide proper consultants to go to an additional mile to grasp your needs totally and to provide you with appropriate instrumentation.

We can compare multiple carriers to assist you in finding the most competitive rates. If by any chance, if any of your property gets damaged, then we'll help you in negotiating your claim.

Whether you've got a little one lbs parcel or a heavy-haul truckload that has got to state or international borders, ReloMarkets will organize your freight services with trustworthy provision partners. Each of our freight carriers is expert, and We tend to check their online reviews. So, we can keep an eye on our packers and movers.

The ReloMarkets team is committed to providing you with the most straightforward possible services as we're committed to fostering long-run relationships with our customers. Book our Services Now to experience the most amazing moving services in Dubai and UAE.