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Have to move but have no space to store your goods? Worried that your things will be damaged, get lost or maybe even stolen? Worry no more because ReloMarkets is here to help. We offer excellent and reliable storage services, and that too, for rates that are incredibly competitive and affordable. Our services are a clear reflection of our dedication and passion.

ReloMarkets storage services make moving simple. In many cases, the consumer likes to have their product stored for a more extended time due to damage possibilities or lack of a home. Sometimes, the consumer may want to save their items until the new house or company gets ready for occupancy Or sometimes they may need storage services if they are temporarily moving to any location. To help you through all this, we offer Semipermanent storage for shorter or longer periods according to your desire.


From a small bobby pin to large furniture, we can store everything that you want. For Instance: Glass, Appliances, Electronics, Antiques, Art Works, Sofas, Love Seats, Sharp or Heavy objects, Stuffed Furniture, Mattresses, and all types of metallic items.


ReloMarkets is an expert and responsible moving firm that works in all over the UAE. We've gained excellent reviews by satisfactorily serving our clients. We have helped companies, government facilities, native families, and small businesses to move to Dubai or UAE. If you wish to hire the best moving company that will take care of your belongings from pickup to delivery, and treat your property with care and respect, then ReloMarkets will surely work up to your expectations.

Apart from all this, there are many amazing benefits that you can achieve after availing our storing services such as ample storage capacity, high security, free pickup & delivery along with full rights of a damage claim.

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  • ADVANCED SECURITY: Our storage services are incredibly Secure and safe. You don't have to worry about any damage or property loss if your stuff is stored at our place. We don't hesitate to take full security responsibility. Moreover, in any case, if any damage happens, then we will be there to claim your loss.

  • STORAGE CAPACITY: We have a vast storage space to keep all of your items in a managed and organized way. And after that, if you want to have your stuff delivered at your place, we can even offer our moving services!. Whether it is picking to giving and taking care to protect all of the things from any damages, We help you through it all.

  • LICENSED AND AUTHORIZED: We are Licensed, warranted, and Insured with Department of Transportation and have all the legal rights to move you in UAE. There are no chances of any fraud or legal claim if you book with us. Furthermore, We have no Hidden Fees or Charges. From packing suppliers to final furnishing, everything is told and decided while choosing the package so that the consumers can stay tension free and relaxed.

  • VARIETY OF SERVICES: ReloMarkets offers two choices in storing services. The first choice is that one will drop his belongings in our warehouses and then we are going to save them for you for the desired period. And the second possibility is that our workers can visit your home. And they assist you in packing your things and can assist you in packing all the stuff. They will bring their packing Suppliers such as tapes, bubble wraps, and other packing instrumentation. After that, we will store them in our warehouses.

Thus we provide various things to our customers for his or her satisfaction. We tend to do the work according to the desire of the purchasers and how they find it comfortable. We hear our client's wants carefully and then start our job.


To ensure the best comfort in your move and to assure that you don't suffer through any hardship in moving, our firm offers you the most effective services at a very economical price. ReloMarkets is working day and night to cater your every desire. Our goal isn't merely creating cash however we conjointly wish that our customers feel glad after availing our services. So we appreciate the feedback from our customers.


Warehouses are one of the messiest places in any business or storage firm. If they're not properly maintained, then the number of tools and other machinery can make it a dangerous place for everyone in the firm. Moreover, it can also be hazardous for the items that are stored in a warehouse. There are more chances of damages or property losses in a messy or unchecked warehouse. Our storage warehouses are exceedingly clean, and we take proper care of the cleanliness there. As a result, your belongings can stay safe and clean. No chances for dirt or damage in any case!


Experience matters a lot when you are about to trust someone with your valued goods. ReloMarkets is a company that has been in the market for many years. Throughout these years, we have reflected on our services and emerged as an improved version of ourselves every year. Being able to serve a large number of customers over these years is also an added advantage. These characteristics give us an edge over the other service providers in the market.

Customer service and satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we deliver nothing less than the best to our clients. When trusting us with your goods, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. We are just a call away. Visit our website and get a free estimate for the services. Let us know in whatever way we can help you and make the storage process easy and convenient for you. We promise we will not let you down and that once you see our work, you will never consider any other service provider again. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you today!

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